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  • What We Believe | Calvary Church

    What We Believe The Bible’s inspiration and inerrancy God’s triune nature God’s creating all things The deity of Jesus Christ The substitutionary atonement and death of Jesus The bodily resurrection of Jesus Salvation by grace through faith The ministry of the Holy Spirit in the world today The physical return of Jesus Christ to earth Eternal judgment of the righteous and the unrighteous The church being ready for Christ’s return

  • Calvary Church Baton Rouge

    God is real , so we seek to be real with Him and with each other. God is relational , and has called each individual to a personal relationship with Himself. God's word is living and active, and we seek to be responsive to His Word by doing what it says.

  • First Time Visiting | Calvary Church

    First Time Visiting? We're excited to meet you! When? Sundays 10am Wednesday 7pm How should I dress? At Calvary Church, you are free to come as you are! Dress comfortably. You'll notice that we are pretty casual around here. 3535 S Sherwood Forest Blvd #160 Baton Rouge, LA 70816 Where? FAQ's What about my kids? We bet your little ones will love hanging out in Calvary Kids! However, your whole family is more than welcome to join us in the service. Plan Your Visit Check in at the Connect Counter! We have a gift waiting for you. Planning your visit makes things nice and smooth for your family. Fill out the fields below and be be sure to: Stop by Calvary Kids first; Check in starts at 9:45 or 5:45! Bringing someone with you? arrow&v Submit We can't wait to met you!

  • Baby Dedication | Calvary Church

    Here at Calvary, we believe children are a gift from God! Child/Baby dedication is a commitment you make before God, as parents, to give thanks to God and raise your children according to God’s purpose. We offer a dedication service designed to help you commit to raising your child to find and follow God! As a church, it is our desire to stand beside you as your child grows and develops their own personal relationship with God. Contact our office if you have questions or would like to schedule a baby dedication!

  • Baptism | Calvary Church

    Interested in Baptism? If you’ve given your life to the Lord and you haven’t been baptized, now is the time! Baptism is not only a command from Jesus, but a public declaration of the decision you have made to follow Christ. If you would like to baptized please email

  • Calvary Chapels | Calvary Church

    Calvary Chapels Started as a home Bible study in 2005 and incorporated as a church since 2006, Calvary Church Baton Rouge is affiliated with Calvary Chapel which is not a denomination. Calvary Chapel is a fellowship of like-minded churches that desire to love and support each other. While every Calvary Chapel is unique in its own way, there are a few things that are similar in most Calvary Chapels ​ Worship Most Calvary Chapels place a a high emphasis on worshiping God in spirit and in truth. Through modern approach to music, Calvary Chapels take a good amount of time to sing praises to the Lord, and meet Him in His throne room. Holy Spirit A fourth Calvary Chapel distinctive is its emphasis on the Holy Spirit. We believe that the gifts of the Spirit are still active in our world today, and we obey the Scripture’s directions on how these gifts are to be exercised. GOD's Word Calvary Chapels place a high emphasis on studying God’s word, book by book, chapter by chapter, and verse by verse. In the world today, with so many ideas of what is right and what is wrong, we believe it is essential to be in the study of God’s Word in order to discern God’s will for our lives. Come As You Are Another common attribute of Calvary Chapel is an informal, “come as you are” mindset. At any given Calvary Chapel, you can see a young man dressed in shorts and a T-shirt sitting next to a man dressed in a three-piece suit. We desire for people to approach the Lord in whatever way feels comfortable to them. The important thing is that you approach the Lord!

  • Who We Are | Calvary Church

    Calvary Church Baton Rouge is a community of people whose lives have been changed forever by what took place on a hill called Calvary over 2,000 years ago. On Calvary, Jesus Christ paid the price for all the wrongs that humans had ever done or would ever do. Because of Calvary, individuals at Calvary Church seek to be REAL and RELATIONAL with God and with each other, and to be RESPONSIVE to God, His Word, and members of their community. Thus, those three words God is the REAL truth, so Calvary presents God as He really is by teaching His Word, the Bible. In order to be REAL with God and with one another, Calvary Church welcomes people from every walk of life to seek God together through every stage of life. We believe it is crucial to be RELATIONAL with each other. We do this by encouraging community through activities surrounding our church services as well as attempting to connect everyone in the fellowship with a friend that they feel comfortable with. We don’t force relationships with others, but we do all we can to encourage them. God’s Word is not merely an ancient text to be read, but rather it is a guidebook for everyday life here today. Calvary Church seeks to be RESPONSIVE to God’s Word by doing what it says and by serving people.

  • Pastors & Leaders | Calvary Church

    Joey Whitney Lead Pastor Brad Williamson Elder Chanell Costa Administrative Assistant EJ Smith Assistant Pastor Jereme Greenlee Elder Aaron & Sarah Taylor Youth Ministry