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Calvary Church Baton Rouge is a community of people whose lives have been changed forever by what took place on a hill called Calvary over 2,000 years ago. On Calvary, Jesus Christ paid the price for all the wrongs that humans had ever done or would ever do. Because of Calvary, individuals at Calvary Church seek to be REAL and RELATIONAL with God and with each other, and to be RESPONSIVE to God, His Word, and members of their community. Thus, those three words


God is the REAL truth, so Calvary presents God as He really is by teaching His Word, the Bible.  In order to be REAL with God and with one another, Calvary Church welcomes people from every walk of life to seek God together through every stage of life.

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We believe it is crucial to be RELATIONAL with each other. We do this by encouraging community through activities surrounding our church services as well as attempting to connect everyone in the fellowship with a friend that they feel comfortable with. We don’t force relationships with others, but we do all we can to encourage them.


God’s Word is not merely an ancient text to be read, but rather it is a guidebook for everyday life here today.  Calvary Church seeks to be RESPONSIVE to God’s Word by doing what it says and by serving people.

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